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SRE offers guided kayak tours down the Shuswap River. The basin of the Shuswap River lies Northeast of the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. 15 minute drive from Enderby BC. With the skilled an enthusiastic staff of SRE enjoy the serenity of the river with a guided kayak tour and take in all the splendors that the Shuswap River has to offer.

The wildlife is easy to spot from the comfort of your boat. Bald Eagles, Golden Eagles, Hawks, Osprey.

A unique and eco-friendly way to discover this beautiful river. The staff of SRE are knowledgeable and skilled on this river. Cory Adsit, owner, has had 15 year’s experience paddling down the Shuswap River.

About us

This eco-friendly kayaking tour will let you see the true beauty of the Shuswap river

All of our Kayaks are well built, modern and stable. Impeccably maintained for your safety and comfort. These vessels are easy to paddle and very comfortable. they are top of the line sit on top kayaks with with lounger chairs made for keeping you comfortable and dry. We have a variety of boats to suit and cater to each individual person. All ages and abilities.

Your individually geared experience will reflect the number of people in your group, the diversity of people, the length of your paddle and the type of experience you are looking for.

There are many beaches to stop at along the way. Stretch your legs, have some lunch or maybe even enjoy a swim in the crystal clear water.

The longer the stops, the longer the experience.

  • Warren Irwin

    Cory is an awesome guide. My family and I had a fantastic time with him on the river. Lots of fun, lots of great memories! Scenery is awesome!

    Warren Irwin
  • Jamie Oswald

     I had such an amazing time learning to kayak with Corey. It was my first time and his calm demeanor made all my nerves disappear. He really is an amazing tour guide. I highly recommend engaging in this experience you will not be disappointed.

    Jamie Oswald
  • Christine Yelland

    This was the greatest experience that I have had in a very very long time. It was relaxing, rejuvenating, exciting and refreshing all in one. So sad it is over… we will have to return for sure. Huge rave to Cory for this fantastic adventure. He is a knowledgeable, honest, kind and easy going. My husband and I feel so blessed to have experienced this kayaking, swimming, sight seeing adventure… we even saw eagles, fish and a bear… so cool! Highly recommend.

    Christine Yelland


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About us

A great way to experience the Sushwap River.

A 15 minute drive from Enderby BC takes you to SRE, where skilled enthusiastic staff are ready to introduce you to the splendors of this beautiful river. Take an eco-friendly tour on the river and spot the wildlife like bald and golden eagles, osprey, hawks, beaver, deer and more. Discover the beauty nature has to offer with the river’s incredible backdrop of mountains and forests.